are you brand loyal when buying a car?

are you brand loyal when buying a car?

Like every week, discover the question related to current events, asked in the TURBO program broadcast on M6 and in partnership with the RTL Auto Radio radio program.

On this subject : Peugeot, the favorite brand of the French

It is a distinction which delights the lion. In the ranking of the favorite companies of the French, established regularly by the Posternak-Ifop barometer, Peugeot climbs on the first step of the podium. A great merit for the manufacturer in these times when the automobile, frequently accused of a thousand ills, a future is emerging in the midst of a multitude of questions. Peugeot, which already occupied this place more than 2 years ago, is ahead of two supermarket chains and far behind Citroën, 6th, and Renault, which is 15th in this ranking.

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