He overtook the police at 350 km / h!

He overtook the police at 350 km / h!

As the scene takes place on a German highway, the police officers in question did not flinch. Finally, they did not have time …

Germany is one of those rare countries where some expressways still escape speed limits. In fact, it is still possible to exceed 130 km / h from a great distance on unlimited autobahn portions, even if local insurance companies recommend keeping a normal pace (otherwise damage will not be covered in the event of an accident at very high speed. high speed).

Thus, this driver of a Porsche Panamera GTS pushed to 962 horsepower can legally exceed 350 km / h. But when he overtakes a police Volkswagen Transporter at this speed (at 10 minutes 52 seconds in the video), it must still be a little funny.

No reaction?

It remains to be seen whether the police officers in question reacted when they saw the Panamera pass at such a speed. For sure, they could not catch up with her behind the wheel of their utility vehicle given the pace sustained by the Porsche …

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