In 2022, the Ford Mondeo will die

In 2022, the Ford Mondeo will die

The Mondeo’s end of career had already been on the desk of Ford strategists for a while. It is now official, the Ford sedan will cease to exist as of March 2022, at the end of four generations and almost 30 years of career.

Excluding premium, no salvation for classic family sedans … The hunt for CO2, ever harder, could have sparked renewed interest in traditional segments. Nothing helps, the obsession with SUVs and crossovers, yet more penalized in terms of emissions compared to a conventional notchback sedan, does not weaken. At Ford, in a bad financial position and in the process of restructuring, the profitability of the Mondeo is thus singled out. It is therefore decided: it has only one year of existence left before the end of its production, scheduled for March 2022.

The objective for Ford is therefore to focus on the two major trends of the moment. No need to be a great scholar to understand that SUVs and electrification, in various forms, will be the main leitmotif of the American group. As with almost everyone, at least with general practitioners.

Early retirement after 5 million copies

Ford announces the medium-term objective (target set at 2026) that the entire range is offered in plug-in hybrid or all-electric. The arrival of hybrid engines under the hood of the Mondeo was therefore not enough to ensure its survival.

In total, 5 million copies, sedans and station wagons, have been sold since the model’s debut in 1993. The heiress of the Sierra will experience some commercial success, crowned with the launch of the first generation of the title of Car of the Year 1994. Curiously, the Galaxy and S-Max minivans will continue their careers, also battered by the all-SUV .

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