Pole fails the highway code test 192 times

Pole fails the highway code test 192 times

After no less than 192 attempts, the code lessons are starting to cost him a bit.

No one would want to have to retake the Highway Code test. The questions offered during this exam require a little practice. After years and years of driving without having studied the little book of the rules of the road and the sessions of questions, it is very likely that it is possible to miss it.

For this Pole in any case, the examination of the highway code represents the absolute holy grail: an absolutely insurmountable test, which he always tries to pass. He has indeed just failed for the 192nd time the compulsory exam in his country!

17 years of attempts

The man, named Piotrk√≥w Trybunalski, is 50 years old and has been taking the code exam very regularly for 17 years. He has already spent no less than 1,300 euros on exam presentations. The exam usually has a little over 50% pass, but our unfortunate candidate probably lacks a bit of method. What will it be next for the driving test …

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