This extreme Ford Ranger makes the Raptor look like a little gamer

This extreme Ford Ranger makes the Raptor look like a little gamer

It’s not the first time we’ve seen an American pickup turned into a thrill ride machine, but this unrecognizable Ford Ranger has its place in our Top 5.

It’s hard to believe that the extreme off-road pickup in these pictures started life as a classic Ford Ranger. In fact, it might not be that hard to imagine knowing that there isn’t much more than the cabin and a few parts of the original model’s chassis left. The creation of RJ Fabrication is illustrated in a new video of this radically redesigned Ford Ranger, shared by AutotopiaLA on YouTube. It took no less than four and a half years to transform this Ranger into the real war machine it is today. Powered by a large Chevrolet engine, it develops 681 horsepower and looks very aggressive. And guess what? It is as much as what it displays!

Its sturdy suspension allows it to perform impressive jumps, making it one of the craziest off-roaders we’ve seen this year. Dubbed the Ford Ranger Luxury Pre-Runner, Ford aficionados may notice strong ties to models dubbed “Raptor”, but from other angles, it’s hard to tell it was once just a simple Ranger. It wears 39-inch BF Goodrich tires and a side-exit exhaust, but this pickup is more than just a showcar. Under its body, it has Fox shocks which give it some all-terrain acuity.

The sturdiest of the Rangers

Weighing 2,800 kg, the Monster offers 71 cm of suspension travel at the rear and 50 cm at the front. In comparison, the new Ford F-150 Raptor offers up to 35cm of travel in the front and 38cm in the rear. Summer Brother axles are said to be “the biggest you can fit”. The rugged exterior hides a surprisingly luxurious cabin. Finished in beige leather, with two bucket seats that hold you firmly in place as you fly over sand dunes at obscene speeds.

A roll cage was installed and painted in a color to match the body. We recommend that you scroll the video until 10:55. The look and sound of this truck flying over a dirt road is worth seeing. Before these heroic performances, a police officer threatens to put an end to the fun, but even he seems impressed by this beast. The price of this construction? No less than $ 350,000. Yes, that’s almost six times the price of a new F-150 Raptor in the United States, but that’s the price to pay to cut the segment benchmark to pieces!

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