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skull origin 

I chose the name Skull because everyone else on here seemed to have cool one word names and I wanted to fit in

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🎶 gee it’s swell to say hip hip hooray, I’m glad I’m gay 🎶

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Give me 5 dollars a month on Patreon amd yuo will get absolutely nothing. Jack shjt. Fukc you, I will kikc your ass in fact, light your ass on fire

[first four notes of Good Riddance by Green Day]
[first four notes of Good Riddance by Green Day]

People be like "I'm anti antifa" and I'm like
1) do you know it's short for antifascist
2) do you know how double negatives work

Just learned that George Floyd was a part of the legendary group Screwed Up Click back in the 90s. Billboard’s got a good summary of his career and links to several of his songs.

While we protest his horrific death at the hands of police brutality, I also want to learn about his life and celebrate it. Black lives matter, and his black life matters.

I hate going on like nothing’s happening. Getting up and going to work. I am edgy. I need like three days off in a row to get my head right tbh

A spokesperson for Minneapolis Ward 3 is talking about actually getting rid of cops:

“I don’t know yet, though several of us on the council are working on finding out, what it would take to disband the MPD and start fresh with a community-oriented, non-violent public safety and outreach capacity.

Our city needs a public safety capacity that doesn’t fear our residents. That doesn’t need a gun at a community meeting. That considers itself part of our community. That doesn’t resort quickly to pepper spray when people are understandably angry. That doesn’t murder black men.“

Its not real neoliberalism until every breastfeeding mother meters her nipples to keep strict account of the milk baby takes so she can hand them the bill upon working age

@ArtistMarciaX "Black Lives Matter" means, to me, that Black *lives* matter, not just Black deaths, as in day-to-day life, feelings, work, dreams... as whole people. Consuming Black people's victimization & struggle for symbolism & catharsis instead of meeting them as human beings is another form of dehumanization, a way of saying they only matter to you as objects to suffer, die, and inspire. Black lives don't matter to us if we don't care about actual Black people living their lives.

I want to ask you all to donate to Edson Thevenin’s family. The Troy, NY police department unlawfully took Edson’s life. He was a father and husband. I’ll spare you the details of the case because the truth has yet to be discovered. The officer’s story does not match the evidence... or logic. This GoFundMe has been up since 2016 and has still not raised its goal.

Thank you in advance for your generosity

they're mass arresting people in philadelphia. please help out if you can

James Scurlock was murdered in Omaha Saturday night during our protests. A white business owner (Jake Gardner) and known racist pulled up during the protests to "defend his business". He brandished a gun and yelled racial slurs before shooting James twice in the neck. He was 22. We heard an hour ago that all charges have been dropped against Gardner (less than three days after Scurlock was murdered).

James Scurlock, racist hate crime, murder 

I haven't seen any posts about him on here but the Omaha community is using #JusticeForJames .

Here is his family's gofundme:

And here is one of the bail funds for my city (write bail in the memo as directed by the Nebraska Left Coalition on fb):

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if you aren't a communist at 30, you have no liver. if you aren't a communist at 35, you have no pancreas. if you aren't a communist at 45

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if you aren't a communist at 20, you have no heart. if you aren't a communist after you're 20, you have no brain

local news loves to show videos of a lady scrubbing ACAB off of a nordstrom with the caption "the city begins the heal"

everything will be okay everything will be okay we will make it okay

The virgin "demiurge" vs the Chad "rex mundi"

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