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I listened to like five mins of an episode of My Favorite Murder once and, despite the fact that many people describe it as “non-exploitative”, it was, in fact, disrespectful and exploitative as fuck. I just remember being like 🤢 about how “fun” they acted like the case was. So maybe it was an off episode but now I distrust everyone who admits to liking them or worse yet, Buys Merch

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hot take 

@texasred this post brought to you by the fact that I rang out a really cute person but they were wearing a MFM shirt smh 😢

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@texasred I don't think it's fun to make jokes about murdered,mostly women and if this is a hot take, FOH

@Laser riiiight. Idk even what would
it was! I’m willing to admit that maybe my experience doesn’t accurately reflect to the whole podcast. But it just seemed like another flavor of that shit I do not like, this specific like “sexy true crime” commodified bullshit

@texasred it's not good! True crime is fine imo, I love that shit like everyone. but making it comedy without any gravitas seems disrespectful

@Laser yeah I have a morbid curiosity but I’m like. Not an asshole! “True crime” as a category is wild.

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