lewd 👀 

Also my boobs look amazing in this tank top

selfies, no ec 

Pictured: me taking bathroom mirror selfies. I’m wearing a thin black tank top and periwinkle shorts in front of a gray shower curtain w a white pattern or repeating hexagons or something, I don’t know how many sides they have,

pet pic 

Pictured: gray cat Clarence laying down and muzzling the wall of a cardboard box, while wearing a light gray inflatable collar.

Clarence wearing a cone of shame 

We are home!!

Clarence, ec, cat 

Pictured: Clarence, gray and majestic, in portrait mode. His eyes are green and beautiful and he is gray and I love him

acnh screenshot, :gay_weed: 

this screenshot satisfies something deep inside me lmao

I want to create this smoke den in real life

Pictured: A screenshot of me in animal crossing: new horizons. I made a gorgeous warm tinted smoking den complete with a RAW rolling tray, a baggie of weed, and a welcome mat that says FUCK OFF.

Clarence is so handsome in his new collar y’all

Pictured: my Sweet gray boy Clarence on his leash proudly displaying his new black collar, which has a nice name tag with his name on it!

selfie w etc bcuz I’m cute 

@texasred updated; added makeup and a lilac

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selfie w etc bcuz I’m cute 

Pictured: me,robe open to reveal my chest, casting a sideways glance at the camera while my hand delicately rests against my shoulder

Painting, ec 

A close up of a painting I’m working On

Description: a very stylized Acrylic painting of a gray cat with diamond shaped neon green eyes and a bright purple nose

uncaptioned img, self-meta, work, screenshot of me own toots 

called out by my own back to back toots

My aforementioned Book of Mirrors, which features aBoognish sticker on the cover. Also pictured is my pink pom pom pen

:gay_weed: new horizons screencap 

Finally got my character a nice big bag of weed?!!

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