The only thing that calms my anxiety is this picture of a Soviet era control panel in mint green


Hey Winslow was so cute today!
Here he is, my fluffy black sweet kitty rag doll baby, laying in the papasan chair

selfie no ec 

Pictured: me outside, eyes closed, the sun hitting my purple hair

The last color didn’t work out. Here’s purple

titties ✨ ft my piercings and binder 

Two top nudes for your timeline today :)
I def think my left nip was pierced in a less than ideal spot, but it’s healed nicely so far. It may be time to resize though!

My big white boy Fergus laying on my rainbow keyboard

photo of my tablet screen 

My self portraits are always kinda the same eh

selfie w ec 

My nephew painted my face with chalk 😆 I just put on a full face of makeup too so when he rubbed the chalk dust on me with his little baby hands, it looked kind of intentional

selfies w fergus 

@texasred me n Fergus cuddling in the papasan!!! He found a comfy spot laying with his back pressed against me and I just got to pet him with my Whole arm lol

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Photo 1: Iona, a black and gold dog, curled into a little comfy ball on the couch

Photo 2: Big Fat Fergus, my gorgeous white kitty, looking absolutely SNUGGLE-ABLE here leaning against his cat tree 😭

hair processing, selfies no ec 

The first pic shows my hair as it went from dark brown to a washed out light blonde

The second pic is a selfie showing my finished Product - gray hair !!!

drawing, Loki 

Working on a drawing, drawing a version of the Kirkby-Stephen stone - an 8th century depiction of Loki also called “The Bound Devil”. Housed in an Irish church

I also am working out a cave background

pets, pics 

Clarence sitting in a chair. Iona laying outside in the grass, Skibbereen laying on the ottoman 💜

Clarence, my gray Tabby/Abyssinian mix, sleeping on his side while I pet his chest

cat, ec 

Three photos of Clarence.The first photo shows Clarence outside and sitting on a wooden chair next to a large lime green bucket. The bucket is the same color the top of the chair is painted. It’s a fuckin tableau of some kind I swear.

Photo 2 shows Clarence laying in some grass, eyes shut as he munches on grass.

Photo 3 shows Clarence looking past the camera And laying in grass.

All three photos show a gorgeous contrast between his cool gray fur + the warmth of nature

selfie no ec, pet pic also 

First pic is me, wearing my purple FUCK TRUMP
shirt and purple sheer robe, enjoying a cup of coffee outside.

Second pic is a close up of Clarence, a handsome gray Abyssinian mix. He has cool gray fur with darker gray stripes and bright green eyes. He is beautiful

selfies no ec 

Pic 1: me with my home haircut and guitar! It’s a black bowl cut and I did an undercut shave as well. My head is turned to the left so I can see the fretboard. The guitar is a pretty sunburst red with leaves around the cut outs

Pic 2: me outside wearing pink sunglasses, black lipstick and a shirt that says THERE ARE NO NAZIS IN VALHALLA

SAFETY ALERT Burlington - 8/12 10:55am (taken in last 30 mins) 

Image of a Fed standing on a street corner, captioned as follows: Full combat gear, face covered no name badge or ID of any kind. Why is there a federal agent walking around downtown Burlington.

selfie no ec, new shirt 

Pictured: me taking a bathroom mirror selfie. I’m
Wearing my brand new Bright yellow “HOMOSEXUAL TENDENCIES” shirt with a French tuck into some jeans. My face is obscured by a picture of a good planet

dog ec 

There’s a lot going on so have this picture of Iona dog laying in the bathroom floor, her pretty brindle face looking at the camera

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