descartes? how about you cart deez nuts you fcuking dork

The Sword in the Stone ; live tooting 

I like Archimedes and Merlin

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my ass has been appraised as being worth several million pounds. however, my pussy is an absolute liability, worth negative millions. bringing my overall net worth to exactly three quid

call my pussy lake vostok because it's been sealed off for millions of years and scientists are only now beginning to drill it


Doing as many fat bong rips as time allows before work

if people are upset about how much coffee i drink they can pay for me to get therapy and a prescription for my adhd

when tiny kittens do tiny mew boost if agree

Hey fellow white people: remember how the best apology is changed behavior?

It helps a lot if we think about WHAT we're going to change and WHY we need to change it. And if we say so, it doesn't undo our mistakes but it makes us less likely to keep making them and it might help others figure out the actual problems, so that people don't get bullshit ideas about how it's just "drama" or Discourse or whatever when we're actually furthering white supremacy.

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@hyperlink @enbyss omg I didn’t know u were so cute (I know I know I’m bad at the fediverse) ANYWAY,,

coffee culture hot take, drug ment 

@jacethechicken that’s some real shit too

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