UBS acquires Credit Suisse and gets central bank backing

Swiss bank UBS has taken over troubled rival Credit Suisse. This agreement was reached after, according to Financial Times the offer was raised to over $2 billion (€1.86 billion). ...

Unrest in banks or not, interest rates will just raise for the time being

The purpose of raising interest rates by the central bank is to cool the economy and thus fight inflation. But so far, the wave of cold has affected mainly banks. Is there...

Wagner’s leader Prigozhin has challenged the army’s elite, but now it seems he must be afraid of himself

Was Wagner's boss Yevgeny Prigozhin outplayed? After his criticism of the army, the military leadership seems to have taken up arms against him. "Putin doesn't care how useful you were yesterday, what...

The deal with China in the Middle East is a historic step, and if Beijing gets its way, then this is only the beginning

The agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran shows that China is a world power. And this seems to be only the beginning of China's new role in international relations. ...

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