Opinion: “Be critical when calling WOZ”

No treatment, no payment sounds nice and cheap. But when it comes to reducing the cost of WOZ, it's certainly not free, as the agencies claim, argues Margot Albert. ...

Opinion: “Neighbourhood has become neater, but I lack interest in each other”

Many owner-occupied homes have been added to Frederik Hendrikbuurt in recent years, partly through the sale of rental properties. There are more than just good things about it, Nicky Meijerman says. ...

Opinion: “Parents, sex education in primary school is very valuable”

Belle Barbe sees more and more parents objecting to sex education in elementary school. But instead of keeping their children at home, parents should consider school as a parenting partner, including with regard...

Man is a horse who at a certain moment ceases to accept his position

Suppose there is a country where there has never been...

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