Here’s why Toyota is deliberately delaying the new GT86

Here's why Toyota is deliberately delaying the new GT86

As Toyota began to talk about the next generation of the GT86, the Japanese brand decided to delay its launch. The reason ? Avoid making it look too much like the Subaru BRZ.

By now you have seen the new generation Subaru BRZ and like its predecessor, Toyota was involved in the development of the car. The BRZ and its illegitimate twin the Toyota GT86 were designed from the start to be extremely close to each other, and this collaboration certainly made the whole exercise easier to accomplish and more affordable for both. brands. So why wasn’t the new GT86 revealed alongside the new BRZ? It looks like Toyota is doing things a little differently this time around, trying to put its own twist on the sporty coupe.

We have already seen the new bumper design of the GT 86, and the gap between the two cars is not obvious. But it looks like the rest of the changes from the BRZ will be more noticeable. According to Japanese automotive site Best Car Web, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda told his development team to “Aim to differentiate the performance of the GT86 compared to the BRZ”. It looks like Toyoda wants this GT86 to be faster and behave differently from the Subaru version, although the 2.4-liter flat-four found in the new BRZ should also be found under the hood of its Toyota-badged cousin.

Different, but how much?

Rumors therefore suggest that the changes will lie in the way the engine is tuned and mated to the transmission so that acceleration is faster. But all of that may have pushed the release date back to next year. Unfortunately, other details are still unknown, but as you can imagine, this change in Toyoda’s stance made things difficult. for the development team responsible for the production of the GT86.

In the meantime, the BRZ has already been revealed and is starting to make waves, especially around a rumor of a possible STI version. Toyota needs to come to an agreement, and quickly, otherwise we might see a repeat of what happened with the Lexus LFA, although on a smaller scale. When this car finally hit the market, it was brilliant but late and became too expensive for most wallets especially compared to those rivals. If the GT86 follows in the footsteps of the LFA and its cost inflates too much, its entire career could be in jeopardy.

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