The future Volkswagen Amarok approaches reality with a futuristic look

The future Volkswagen Amarok approaches reality with a futuristic look

Volkswagen is not done with pickups. The Amarok was to be extinguished, but the partnership between Ford and the German group allowed Volkswagen to develop a second generation of its dump utility. Here is just a new glimpse of what it might look like.

Just over a year ago, Volkswagen released the first teaser image showcasing the next-gen Amarok. This one looked more like a sketch of a concept as it had oversized wheels and lacked door handles. Today, a new teaser image has just been released, bringing the future Amarok closer to reality and commercialization. Unfortunately, some exaggerated elements of the first sketch are gone, but rest assured it keeps its very rugged look.

While the original teaser illustrated the pickup with only two doors, Amarok’s latest preview shows the pickup in a double cab version. In addition to gaining rear doors, the tipper SUV was also fitted with roof racks, an LED light bar and a roll bar in the tipper. Volkswagen also tweaked the front bumper by making the fog lights more visible than before, while the X-shaped grille gave way to a less imposing design.

The orange accents are still there, as are the square wheel arches and silver mirrors. Speaking of which, the side mirror covers now have turn signals. This suggests that the design is closer to the production version than the sketch presented last year.

Strength and robustness

The hood from the first render seemed quite high, but has now been lowered. The more visible line starting from the upper corner of the headlights, extending just below the beltline, is still very noticeable and we do not like it. If you’re a fan of the Amarok, you’ll have to thank Ford. Without the Ranger platform borrowed from the Blue Oval, VW would have removed its pickup at the end of its lifecycle. Yes, the new Amarok will be closely linked to the next Ranger, but the Germans have promised an all-Volkswagen design, which we can already see judging by the styling presented through this image.

The VW group is reportedly working on an equivalent of the Ranger Raptor, possibly called the Amarok R, to join the lineup of high-performance versions of cars and SUVs like the Golf, T-Roc, Tiguan, Arteon and Touareg. It is said to have around 300 horsepower and more torque. If the rumor comes to fruition, this hardcore version of the Amarok could arrive around a year after the standard model. As a reminder, the second-generation Amarok will be launched in 2022 after it goes into production at Ford’s Silverton plant in South Africa where the new Ranger will also be assembled.

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