VIDEO – Listen to the Ferrari Purosangue make its V12 howl at Fiorano

VIDEO - Listen to the Ferrari Purosangue make its V12 howl at Fiorano

This is not the first time that we have seen the Ferrari Purosangue, but it is the first time that we are almost certain of the engine behind it. Surprise, it could be a V12.

While we’re still waiting for the extreme version of the 812 Superfast to be presented, there’s also Ferrari’s first SUV, the Purosangue, which is making us impatient. During the last days of winter testing, Youtubeur Varryx once again surprised Ferrari testing a test prototype of the Purosangue. Indeed, we have already seen the future SUV in the form of a Maserati Levante sliding on the Fiorano track and even on the snow. This time we are back on Ferrari’s private test track.

Again, the prototype is a test mule disguised as a Maserati Levante with a longer hood and lower ride height, but the final production model will have variable ride height if you need to increase guard. on the ground to ride off the beaten track. If we had difficulty determining the engine of the previous Purosangue prototypes, this time we’re pretty sure the one featured in the video below is hiding a V12.

Very Ferrari sound

The test driver does not hold back during high-speed testing and brakes abruptly, causing the SUV’s nose to dip. He even does a few light slides. Despite its size, the Thoroughbred looks surprisingly agile thanks to its engine placed in the center front position.

So we hear singing about its engine which could be a V12. Apparently the Purosangue’s V12 will produce around 800 horsepower, which will make it more powerful than its main rivals, the Lamborghini Urus and the Aston Martin DBX. A hybrid variant equipped with a V8 is also expected to join the lineup with technology inherited from the SF90 Stradale supercar.

When it goes on sale, the Thoroughbred will fill the void left by the production shutdown of GTC4 Lusso. Ferrari’s first SUV is not expected to arrive until 2024, so Ferrari still has plenty of time to make sure it meets the high expectations of the Ferrari press and customers.

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