When Formula 1 drivers destroyed Citroën CXs!

When Formula 1 drivers destroyed Citroën CXs!

How did Formula 1 drivers end up racing behind the wheel of very soft Citroën CXs?

Formula 1 drivers drive overpowered single-seaters, capable of going through corners harder than any other car in the world. We do not instinctively imagine them at the wheel of comfortable French sedans with hydropneumatic suspensions.

Citroën CX race video

So how do you explain this sequence showing some of the best drivers racing Citroën CXs? It is in fact the 1981 Dubai Grand Prix, bringing together very big names in motorsport for a race organized in the Emirate which was then seeking to attract tourists.


With many legendary drivers on the grid (Dan Gurney, Jack Brabham, Patrick Tambay, Dereck Bell, Striling Moss …), the event quickly turned into a race of destruction. At the wheel of the heavy French sedans, most of the drivers took advantage of the situation to have a little fun. Only eight Citroën CXs saw the finish line, unlike the other seven cars.

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