here are the official figures and performances

here are the official figures and performances

The 8 Series was one of the last models in the BMW lineup to yet have received the Alpina treatment. It’s done, the B8 Gran Coupé based on the M850i ​​has just left the pharmacy. In the wake of the first images, here is the precise pedigree, with 621 hp at the end of the key.

The first leaked pictures of the B8 did not hold any surprises: pure Alpina, in the vein of the habits of the small manufacturer of Buchloe. It should be remembered that the house does indeed have this status, and is not just a simple preparer officially: when you buy an Alpina, the registration document bears the mention Alpina, and not BMW. The B8 therefore hardly differs from a classic 8 Series Gran Coupé at first glance. The famous green tint, the Alpina mention on the front bumper and the thin-spoke rims (here 21 inches) are the main distinguishing marks. The same goes for the interior, where specific Merino leather and Alpina monograms bring a little exclusivity compared to an M850i, which is already remarkably neat.

The most important thing is therefore happening under the hood, as planned. The 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 undergoes major optimizations. Revised intake and cooling, engine and turbocharger management, new stainless steel exhaust line (as much beneficial to the music as to the good health of the V8)… No in-depth retouching of the engine itself, it is increasingly rare and in any case superfluous thanks to the power gains made possible by supercharging now. generalized.

The M8 must be wary

The V8 therefore goes from 530 to 621 hp, for an even more delirious maximum torque: 100 Nm more, or 800 Nm at 2,000 rpm. The whole thing, of course, always passed on the ground by the all-wheel drive xDrive, which is here automatically equipped with a limited slip differential at the rear. The chassis has also been reworked accordingly. Firmer springs, revised management of the rear steering wheels and large Brembo brakes are part of the game.

The announced times are no joke, in any case. The 2.175 kg are catapulted in 3.4 s from 0 to 100 km / h, and 11.6 s to reach 200 km / h. Compared to the original M850i, these times progress respectively by 5 tenths and … 1.4 seconds. The maximum speed reaches 324 km / h. To compare, an M8 Gran Coupé displays only 5 hp more and requires only 2 tenths less for the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h! It has also been an Alpina trademark since its inception: to offer cars almost as muscular as BMW Motorsport productions, but much less brutal in spirit. As a link between the classic range and the “real” M pure juice.

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