VIDEO – Pagani wants us to believe that the Huayra R drives and makes its atmospheric V12 scream… but that’s not true!

VIDEO - Pagani wants us to believe that the Huayra R drives and makes its atmospheric V12 scream… but that's not true!

The Pagani Huayra R is now known. But we haven’t seen it run yet. Here is still a first glimpse of what it will give, even if it is synthetic images.

The Pagani Huayra R was presented. With 850 horsepower drawn from a bespoke V12 engine, this hypercar dedicated to track use is fast becoming one of the greatest representatives of the naturally aspirated engine. Better than a version dedicated to the track, this mechanical cathedral will live well beyond its limited production, since Pagani will take the lessons learned during the development of the Huayra R and apply them to Pagani’s upcoming C10 hypercar. However, this is not the engine that will be found in a production version: its CO2 emissions will never allow it.

But enough talk. We want to see and hear this car. Fortunately, Pagani made us happy with a new video of the Huayra R in Imola. Well … it’s more of a cartoon than a video but that’s enough to give us a few chills and make us even more impatient. Indeed, it is not a real sequence but a sequence that seems straight out of a game.

Sacred sound anyway!

As the title of the video points out, this is a car designed to conquer the circuits and nothing else. It will never be homologated for road use and its engine will not be fitted to future Pagani road cars. This does not mean that we cannot enjoy the pictures and the sound of the supercar in question., even if the images are only digital creations.

In the future, the time will undoubtedly come when Pagani will have to convert to electrification to survive, but if the public continues to show interest in cars like this then heat engines may survive. Either way, we hope Pagani releases more footage in the future, preferably real videos.

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